Menno Meyer
Menno Meyer - Metal Art
Menno Meyer talks about his work
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Menno Meyer earned his credentials at the Institute for Applied Arts in Schoonhoven, the Netherlands and continued this studies at the Höhere Kunst- und Fachschule Fur Metallgestaltung in Pforzheim, Germany. Here the Bauhaus ideals of creativity and craftsmanship played a central role.

He commenced his own studio on the Turfmarkt in Gouda and develops a surprising and characteristic language of forms.

In the following years he takes part in national and international expositions and wins among others a gold medal in Munich, twice the ‘Gulden Vorm’ in Utrecht and a Design Certificate from the Silver Fair in Mexico.

He opened his own studio in a historical building in the old city centre of Gouda at Achter de Kerk 17 and developed a surprising and characteristic language of forms.

In recent years Menno Meyer has embarked on a new endeavor to develop a new style that is combining painting on canvas with metal. In these recent works, Menno Meyer creates a whole new universe of bright colours and shapes that express his strive for spiritualism in art.

Menno Meyer has always advocated art and corporate life to exclude each other. His modern designs are found everywhere in tailor-made objects in many Dutch and foreign public spaces and enterprises. Trademark of his works is the interaction that is established with the environment and the objectives that are pursued.